Landscaping and grass
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    Landscaping and grass

    Landscaping and grass

    Soil preparation for planting

    Material, which is mixed with soil before planting.

    1 - If the soil is sand and mud is mixed until we get the proportion of sand not less than 70% of the soil in general is mixed similar quantities of sand and clay soils.
    2 - humus (organic fertilizers), preferably sterile free of weed seeds are mixed with a rate of 1 kg / m 2 of space.
    3 - Chemical fertilizers and manure is preferable to add a high phosphorus content of the slow melting rate of 1 kg / 10 m 2
    4 - soil conditioners such as soil conditioner is working on a substance of moisture in the soil.

    During the mixing process continues all the stones and plant residues in the soil at the same time the irrigation system is determined by an individual that found the soil after the process is individual to the soil on the thickness of 20-30 cm and preferably returned that is on two floors and copious irrigation irrigated after each layer so as to ensure that there is no Hbutat and left for a week to get rid of the alien weeds, or by solar sterilization process must take into account the individual to settle the soil as much as possible and the absence of significant differences in elevations. After this is done by roller compacting the soil light weight does not weigh more than 50 kg introduced the 1-meter and more than one direction and you are planting.

    Methods of cultivation of grass

    A – By Seeds- Rolls c – seedling - rhizomes

    A - Agriculture by seeds

    Matters to be taken into account.
    1 - Using the quantity of seeds commensurate with the rate of seeding of the area to be cultivated.
    2 - preferably use seeders in the process of sowing.
    3 - that the process of planting more than one direction at least two directions.
    4 - Non-existence of sowing the wind.
    5 - That the process of seeding in the afternoon.
    6 - must walk comb grass on the surface of the soil after sowing without pressure in the case of a seed manual.
    7 – to be adde the beetmoss homogeneity of the coverage.
    8 - not to put burlap on two floors above the flattened extend it.
    9 - Irrigation flat immediately after the completion of the agriculture and moisture conservation on a flat burlap soil until the start of production.
    10 - must be considered to stop irrigation before removing the burlap from the flat Dahl Day with a full flat towards removing the burlap.
    11 - prefer not to use flat one month before the history of agriculture in the gardens

    Stages of cultivation by seeds:

    1 - is divided into the quantity of seed to be planted on the number of trends in sowing.
    2 - The process of sowing in directions perpendicular to that of any seedling at the North-South for example, then after the completion of the entire area is agriculture towards the east-west directions, or national or four previous trends.
    3 - You will then be passed comb grass light on the entire area at a fixed per space, taking into account the withdrawal of the comb and not pressure him.
    4 - The process of coverage by a layer of prose Albeetmos and sand mixture by 4:1.
    5 - are beyond the coverage Balkhic and install it.
    6 - Dahl is flat then by the direction of linear light-weight roller for the purpose of installing the seed and soil.
    7 - stationery flat irrigation until the completion of growth and germination.
    8 - is the process of removing burlap when the seedling on an area of flat full length and not less than 5 centimeters.
    9 - The process of cutting the flat first story when the arrival of the length of the grass about 10 cm and preferably a story before or after that.

    12 – Agriculture by rolls;

    Matters to be taken into when agriculture by rolls:

    1 - must be dislocating rolls recently.
    2 - Must be coherent if the lifting of a piece of length 3 3- can be store for 24 hours in the dark.
    4 - to be free from diseases, insects and weeds.
    5 - When put rolls should not leave large gaps between them.
    6 - That the process of agriculture in a way opposite of any such building (brick)

    B - How to Agriculture\

    1 - is selected longitudinal center line of the area to be cultivated.
    2 - Start the installation process rolls starting from the halfway line and longitudinally beyond the second row are placed in the same direction and so on.

    3 - Fill the spaces between the rolls by mixing with sand and clay soils (the same mixture used to cover the flat) in addition to seed dispersal in very small quantities of the same type.

    4 - Is further irrigation process taking into account the shortening between the cotton yield in the first week to be any irrigation of 4-5 per day and in small quantities?

    5 - The Dahl flat after a week of the date of Agriculture by a light roller (used in soil stabilization)
    6 - after which eight days of Agriculture to conduct the first collect the grass.

    C – Agriculture by seedling


    They use the kinds of seedlings by planted at distances of 15-20 cm between them in the longitudinal and transverse directions and must be further flat after irrigation and fertilization for a period of not less than three months to be ready for use.

    D – Agriculture by rhizomes:

    Cultivated largely similar to agriculture Balachtal but must wait longer to get it flat and low-cost advantages

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    many thanks for this splendid work, for landscaping. Go ahead.hopes